Durilium Technology: How It Works

Convenience and simplicity. These are two things valued most when it comes to chores such as clothes ironing. Convenience, because this household task needs to fit seamlessly into the average working man’s busy schedule. Simplicity, because the current technology should make it easier and quicker to do.

With this comes the Durilium Technology of Tefal’s line of steam irons. This innovation was designed to make Tefal’s products the best steam irons to use for your clothes. Gone are the days of having to depend on your basic clothes iron. Equipped with advanced features, Tefal’s Durilium Technology makes sure your garments are unwrinkled in no time!

Here's how it works:

Steam diffusion

Tefal’s Durilium Technology is designed with a soleplate that has holes on the tip, sides, and center. This helps provide a more even distribution in steam release for an efficient and convenient ironing process. Proper steam distribution results in a faster and more effective way to remove the wrinkles on your clothes. No need to waste extra time just to take care of any stubborn creases. Tefal can do that in less amount of time.


A drawback of ironing is when clothes have buttons, zippers, and other features that can scratch the soleplate. Overtime, this can affect the resistance of the soleplate, forcing you to buy a new iron. But with Tefal’s Durilium Technology, durability and resistance are taken into consideration in its design. With its enamel coating, it ensures the soleplate is protected no matter how many times the iron glides on zippers and buttons. This also saves you money in the process as you wouldn’t have to find a replacement all the time.


Last but not the least, Tefal has a smooth, superior glide that makes ironing clothes a less tedious process. You don’t have to fret over constant adjustments or stops when gliding the iron over your clothes. Tefal’s best in glide technology makes ironing an easy and effortless task. Definitely one of the best steam irons in the market today!

The Durilium Technology in Tefal’s irons has made it a tried and trusted companion for homeowners everywhere. Combining the innovative qualities listed above, these products were designed to make life easier by making this common household task less of a chore to do.

In today’s technology age, the average Filipino deserves a high-quality product that doesn’t take precious time away from both their work or family schedules. Tefal has developed and will continue to develop new technologies to fulfill the purpose of bringing convenience to every Filipino.