Experience fast ironing with Tefal’s best-in-class ‘ NEW Durilium Airglide’ steam irons now at 40% off in trade-in promo

If you are one of those who want to upgrade your iron appliance to one that enables really fast and effortless ironing but finds it a bit costly for yourbudget, then the upcoming Tefal trade-in promo is definitely for you.


You can trade in any brand of iron –dry or steam, working or non-working –for either of the two latest Tefal Easygliss SteamIron models FV4051 and FV3951 and get 40% off on the price.


The Tefal trade-in promo will run from Aug 29 to Sept 4, 2019 in leading appliance and department stores nationwide.


Tefal’s Easygliss steam irons equipped withthe best-in-glide NEW Durilium Airglide technology soleplate is the perfect upgrade to your old steam iron that lacks glidability and effectiveness, aswell as to the dry iron where you have to manually spray water and run the iron over the garment many times to straighten tough creases.


Tefal’s exclusive and patented Tefal Durilium Technology that has sold over 150 million irons worldwide since 1985 has yet another break through innovation with the release of the NEW Durilium Airglide Soleplate that enables +33% smoother glide compare to other Tefal soleplates.


Equally remarkable is the Tefal Easygliss range’s 100% Active Steam Holes feature, which gives its sole plate maximum steam distribution to effectively remove stubborn creases for that wellironed, great looking clothes and linen for the whole family.


Having the best glidability and strongest steam performance in the market today, Tefal’s new Easygliss steam irons are both time and energy saving with fast and effortless ironing. Made with dual enamel coating, the Tefal steam irons’ soleplate with New Durilium Airglide is also built to last with excellent scratch resistanceagainst hard objects like button and zippers.


See for yourself how the new Tefal Easygliss steam irons can upgrade your ironing. For a complete list of stores with special product demo, visit, and or call + (63)681 6161 for further details.